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UAB "Knitas" was started in 1995 as a family company "Glove Knitting Enterprise in Gargždai". Company produced wide variety of gloves and mittens for women, men and children. The company was developing progressively, so, in 2002, factory space was enlarged from 700 m2 to 1300 m2. Company started producing hats, scarves and working gloves. In 2003, our factory as a pioneer in Lithuania began to knit seamless toe socks, which rapidly became very popular due to exclusive quality. In 2006, special woolen knitwear technology was installed in the factory, woolen knitwear became exceptional popular among abroad (EU) clients. Having a strong vison of becoming a knitwear standard, we constantly provide highest quality production, so deserved a reputation not only in our local market, but in West and North Europe as well.

Becoming premium class knitwear producer and growing assortment of the production determined company reorganization to Joint Stock Company "Knitas". Following our aims we hope to firm "Knitas" in current and new markets.